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The Product Difference

One of the most exciting parts of what I do is being able to offer my clients unique one of a kind high quality art products. I have used my design and photography expertise to research and test a wide array of products only offered to professional photographers. During my research, I was able to narrow down the products I offer to the best, most unique, and most durable products I can get my hands on.  


Anyone can get a disc or thumb drive of digital images.  Not everyone has access to timeless, classic, and cutting edge products.  Plus, think about sessions you may have had in the past.  How many times has a friend or family member told you, "Wow, that disc looks amazing hanging on your wall?"  I am guessing the answer is never because if you did hang it on your wall, it would look ridiculous, but more then likely, it is in a drawer collecting dust.  


I want to make sure your families memories are not on a disc somewhere in a dark drawer.  My goal is for all of my clients to have their walls adorned with their most cherished memories, printed on one of a kind beautiful art products, and captured by me!  I believe your memories deserve to be displayed in your home as the beautiful pieces of art that they are and I hope you do too!

2010 A Moment 2 Remember Photography